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The story behind the Outstanding Leadership Awards is a powerful and inspiring one. It’s a story of legacy. For many years we have been living and breathing the leadership space and we saw that our generations of today and tomorrow see leadership as a role or title. Leadership isn’t a title, it is an attitude, choice and mindset. It is also an action. In turn, the examples of leaders and leadership that we hear and see are far from one of legacy and inspiration.

Our generations of today and tomorrow are seeing the negative side of leadership today where we know there is so much greatness happening around the world. We know there are leaders, organisations and those in the community who are leading with greatness. We want to showcase this leadership so our generations can see incredible examples of leadership and be inspired by great leaders.

We knew we needed a movement and platform that championed and shined a light on this leadership so we can inspire our generations of today and tomorrow. Leadership that is focused on kindness, courage and inclusiveness which is need more today than ever before. This is why we have launched and are taking the Outstanding Leadership Awards across the globe to champion the greatest leaders and leadership and inspire us all to be the change we want to see.

If you know a courageous leader or team across the globe, have them recognised for their outstanding leadership and demonstrating courage and kindness. Courageous Leadership is becoming an asset which organisationare looking to attract.  Be recognised as someone others seek to emulate and join other Outstanding Leaders and Teams around the World. Nominations Close on 31st January 2022!

Why should you become a partner?

We create a lot of noise; we have the ears of CEOs across the globe and we love shining the spotlight on our partners.   

  • Do you want to be recognised for supporting courageous, kind and authentic leadership?  
  • Would you love to build your employer brand?
  • Would you love to attract and retain great talent and leaders?
  • Do you need to raise your profile amongst small – medium businesses?
  • Get your name in front of over 1,000,000’s business leaders across Globe. 


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Why should you nominate?

Raise your personal brand and be recognised as a leader that organisations want on their team.  Be recognised and benchmarked by a premier leadership organisation as a courageous leader. 

Recognise your organisations outstanding leaders, promote your employer brand, attract the best and the brightest talent, promote your culture and your organisation and create new networking opportunities.

Nominations are open to leaders and companies worldwide – nominate today.

The 2020 Outstanding Leader of the Year

Dr. Daniel Wilson

Dr Daniel Wilson is a rural generalist trainee in the Grampians region Victoria. He was Victoria’s 2019 Junior Doctor of the Year, and Finalist for Australia and New Zealand’s Junior Doctor of the Year. Dr Wilson is a keen teacher and hold numerous medical leadership roles including Board Director of Rural Doctors Association Victoria, Member of AMA Council of Rural Doctors, and member of the Education Committee of the Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria.

Introducing the 2020 award winners.

We are proud to announce the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards® winners.  They optimise the courageous, kind and inclusive leadership we at LeadershipHQ celebrate everyday.

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Who will be our inaugural outstanding leader for 2021? To be awarded by the full judging panel, the outstanding leader will not only epitomise all the key criteria for their nominated category but demonstrate in all aspects of their life that they are a leader of leaders. 
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Preparing for the awards

Ready to nominate a team or someone in your workplace? Nominating a leader or team is easy and anyone can submit a nomination. We will provide you with key dates and take you through the nomination process one step at a time. Nominations are open to all leaders and companies worldwide.
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Introducing the 2021/22 Partners

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